Posters on Wheels

Our unique portfolio and state of the art production technology coupled with an outstandingly creative, flexible and friendly sales team ensure that posters on wheels are well equipped to deal with the demands of clients wishing to plan alternative out of home campaigns.

At posters on wheels we not only take campaigns to the next level by allowing clients to fully interact with their target market we also add a different dimension by pushing the envelope in terms of innovation and technology thus,providing our clients with the opportunity to utilise cutting edge ambient media.

In a market place that is becoming more and more fragmented and cluttered posters on wheels can provide
advertisers with high impact and accountable ambient solutions that can be used as stand alone campaigns or as a strategic support for existing media activity.

Posters on Wheels
Top 13 Reasons Why Advans and Mobile Billboards Out-Perform Other Advertising Mediums

1. BILLBOARD ADVERTISING WORKS!! It lives up to its’ promise, reaches more people than any other medium (apart from TV), and offers better value for money.

2. You can take your message directly to the areas you want to draw people from ...which means there is no wasted advertising which in turn means pound for pound this medium works harder and is more cost effective than most other mediums.

3. Stand alone advertising ...which means your message stands out from your competitors’ unlike local paper and radio advertising.

4. Billboard Advertising cannot be thrown away, switched off or turned over ...which means it gets noticed and works for you all of the time

5. No other form of local advertising can reach as many people at such a low rate per thousand ...which means you can reach on average over 400,000 people over a week for less than £0.006p per person.

6. Billbaords are always working, stationary or moving ...which means there is no wastage.

7. You can target impulse buyers ...which means you can get your share of the 60% of people who make high street purchases on impulse.

8. Flexibility, from 1 day to 1 month ...which means your message can be altered weekly and can last as long as your sales. Also ideal for launches and special promotions.

9. Billboards are eye level and eye catching ...which means people look at your message which is the whole point of advertising.

10. The billboards are big, moving, unusual and unique ...which means they cannot be missed and people can’t help but look. Also excellent for branding.

11. Billboards are unique and there are less than 200 of them in the UK …which means they stand out even more than any other commercial medium

12. Your advertising on a medium which is perceived to be very expensive …which means your competitors think you’ve got more money than them and your potential customers think your brand is bigger and more trust worthy than your competitors.

13. We can cover a far greater area than other advertising mediums …which means you don’t have to advertise in dozens of overlapping newspapers and radio stations and in the process pay over-the-top rates.

H your studio does not have to spend any time touching up the photographs at the end of the campaign before being able to present them to your client (we've been told this is what happens with our competitors pictures).

How Many People Will Look At My Mobile Billboard Advert?

Mobile Billboard advertising is the fastest growing form of advertising excluding the internet. All the major and best-known brands are built through TV the use of billboard / Advans and other ambient advertising methods. Research carried out by the OAAA shows how much importance the brands put on the use of mobile billboards as part of the marketing mix.

The research was carried out over a period of 4 months with the use of small cameras that measured and captured how many people looked at a backlit billboard message and for how long. This was carried out on static billboards, back-lit advan mobile billboards, buses and taxis in major cities and the results were staggering.

Mobile billboards / Advans came out top. They measured that an average of 105,000 people looked at a mobile billboard message on an average weekday for 3 seconds or more over an 8 hour period. The results were 15% higher on a weekend. The study was carried out in various cities and the above figures are an average.

If Back-lit Advans And Mobile Billboards Are So Effective As An Advertising Medium, Why Isn't Everyone Using Them?

Good question! Backlit Advans are a relatively new concept in the UK and most marketing managers and advertising agencies have never used one before to really know what they are about.

The main reasons why people don’t use them are:

•They don’t know anything about the medium and its’ merits
•They automatically think the costs are going to be prohibitive because they only ever see the big brands using them
•They don’t see many of them around in the first place to consider them By the time they have booked the ‘traditional’ mediums they always book and pay too much for, they run out of budget to consider anything else
•They perceive booking a billboard to be a lot of hassle because they haven’t booked one in the past
•The fact that you are reading this article means that you are looking for a Backlit Mobile Billboards company and considering us for your campaign

If you’re anything like the people we are used to dealing with, you recognise that just having a good creative or message isn’t enough anymore in a crowded market place - you need to place your advertisement on something that stands out, that not everyone is using as an advertising medium, which still has the WOW factor and makes people stop and stare. You’ve found it!

In the whole of the UK there are an estimated 160 Advans, Mobile Billboards and Adtrailers. This alone means your messages will stand out over your competitors!! The “exclusiveness” of the medium is on the one hand why people don’t use them but on the other hand is why they work so well as an advertising medium for the people who do.

What Are Your Turnaround & Lead Times?

As one of the leading Back-lit Advan and Back-lit Mobile Billboard providers in the country, we are able to accommodate even the tightest of schedules 97% of the time.

If you have artwork ready that meets our specifications, we can turnaround your campaign with 48 hours.

We normally recommend at least 7 days to produce your billboards from your artwork. However, we understand that time is something that business does not always allow. If you need to put your campaign together on short notice, we will do everything possible to make your campaign happen. We recommend
scheduling your campaign as soon as you have a date confirmed. Our advertising trucks usually book up several months in advance …book early to avoid disappointment!!

Communication with the Driver and Us

Communication is paramount. You can change your tactics daily to suit your campaign and all our drivers posses a mobile phone for this purpose. Please keep in touch with them and we recommend you instruct them to come and see you on a daily or bi-daily basis to update you on their activities – make the most out of them!!

We also like to be kept in the loop with regards to routes. You can do this by either calling our office or updating us by e-mail. Our outdoor advertising billboards are tracked by satellite GPS so we can see exactly where the drivers are at any time.

If for any reason you cannot contact the drivers by phone, please contact us and we will contact them via their on-board messaging systems.

How to Assess if your Campaign was Successful

Unlike newspaper advertising, radio advertising, and flyers, billboards continuously broadcast your message and by default are successful.

It is important to have a goal, to ensure your message and visual are relevant to your objectives and your route/stop points have been planned properly. If they are, you can’t go wrong. Your brand will enjoy unsurpassed publicity and exposure.

As with any advertising campaigns it is important to keep a momentum and if budget allows we recommend you to book a series of campaigns rather than a one off. The best advertising is drip feed advertising. This is what establishes your brand in our minds.

Companies have different ways of establishing the success of their campaigns. Some gauge it on the response, some use questionnaires and others base it on how many times their staff and customers have seen the billboards driving around – word of mouth.

Here’s how we gauge our own success when we want to promote our brand to say….Advertising agencies in London’s’ West End on our Mobile Billboards;

We plan our campaigns in exactly the same way we have advised you above making sure the message is relevant, the visual is relevant, the route is carefully outlined and the driver is briefed on our objectives.

During the execution of the campaign we randomly call advertising agencies in our target areas and ask if they have seen the billboards. The response is normally great and if it is not what we expect, we change our routes.

At the end of the campaign our sales people blitz the targeted agencies with phone calls to arrange appointments. At these appointments they generally find the person has seen our billboards and they already know who we are and have visited our web site prior to their meeting.

Lastly, we rely on existing clients. They normally call us or in passing mention they saw the vehicles.

We also participate in the trade shows and it is a good way to gauge if our efforts have been fruitful when visitors tell us they already know about us by seeing our vehicle driving around their places of work.

Our latest 5 day campaign generated direct calls from 18 agencies. We also know that many, many more agencies contact us when the need arises because they remember our brand above others. This is how we know our constant efforts are rewarded and our objectives met.

What Should I Look For In A Mobile Billboard Company?

•Make sure they are established in the market place
•Make sure they are specialists in their field. (you wouldn’t go to a general builder if you wanted a boiler fitted – you would look for a plumber or a boiler fitter)
•Make sure they have got their own fleet of vehicles and they’re not just an agent for another mobile billboard company
•Make sure they don’t use agency staff and all staff have received full training
•Make sure they don’t use advertising trailers. The vehicles need to have rigid bodies
•Make sure they can cover the areas you want and that they will not be subbing the work out to another billboard company in another area
•Make sure they’re not using paste on blue back posters
•Make sure all their drivers are contactable
•Make sure they have their vehicles tracked so they can tell you where they are at any time
•Make sure they take pictures using digital cameras during your campaign
•Ask how your posters will be hung on their vehicles and how they intend to keep them looking good throughout your campaign
•Make sure their vehicles are well maintained and up to the job of undertaking your campaign minimising the risk of breakdowns
•Make sure their vehicles are covered with breakdown cover just incase
•Ask them if they have the capacity to exchange vehicles in the event of a breakdown which results in your vehicle being off the road more than a day.
•Make sure they are able to account what happened everyday of your campaign – for example, how many miles were travelled, how many hours were they on the road, where did they stop and how long for, etc.

How large are the Moving Billboards?

We utilise standard 48-sheet posters. This means our billboards are 20 feet long by 10 feet high. By using standard poster sizes, billboard artwork from a traditional billboard campaign can be used for your Back-lit advan campaign without any modifications, saving you time and money.

How long is one advertising day?

We work to a standard 8-hour-day. We begin each advertising day at the time you request and finish after a minimum of 8-hours of on-site advertising. This does not include the travel time to and from the campaign location. If you add the exposure gained during travel time, an advertising day usually lasts between 10 and 12 hours. If your campaign requires additional or fewer hours, we will be glad to create a custom advertising package to meet your needs.

What if I don't have artwork ready for a campaign?

Our award winning studio can create your billboard artwork - free of charge for most designs depending on length of campaign being booked.

What do we provide within the advertising price?

We cover all expenses for the driver plus fuel and travel. What we quote is what you are charged. We do not have any hidden charges. You will only be charged extra if you add days, hours or additional locations to your campaign.