cool-lite 48

In keeping with our commitment to deliver innovative and high quality media solutions the cool-lite 48 is perhaps the most exciting element in our portfolio, and also the newest, and yet again an industry first...

The cool-lite 48 is a backlit mobile 48-sheet poster site consisting of 2 fully integrated backlit 48-sheet units positioned on the back of a customised vehicle. Each cool-lite 48 has been designed to replicate the most prestigious road side 48-sheet light box, but is fully mobile to allow the client to target locations that they had not been able to reach before without devaluing their brand.

We currently operate 40 cool-lite 48's and are continuing to add new cool-lite 48's to our fleet. This gives posters on wheels the largest fleet of backlit advans in Europe.

The flexibility of the cool-lite 48 due to its mobility allow it to be used in a variety of ways. Short-term tactical campaigns, where they travel pre-determined routes within specific target areas have proved incredibly popular with clients. cool-lite 48's also provide invaluable promotional support for our experiential campaigns, guaranteeing target oriented high impact coverage, and in addition to delivering valuable logistical solutions.

A-frame 48

posters on wheels A-Frame 48's Ad Van is a traditional style ad van.

Each side of the A-Frame 48 measures 20ft X 10ft (over 6 metres X 3 metres) the size of a standard 48-sheet static billboard.

Following a pre-scheduled route plan specific to the target audience, the A-Frame 48's Ad Vans,
which are always manned, operate in areas giving the greatest exposure to the clients message.

They are more targetable than the traditional advertising on static billboards, transport advertising,
or other forms of outdoor media.

The coolbillboards A-Frame 48's Ad Vans are fully tracked with our GPS system, assuring the clients visibility of them every minute of the campaign.

cool-lite 6

The cool-lite 6's were introduced to our portfolio in 2007.

Successful campaigns need to be eye catching if they are to grab the consumers attention in this
highly competitive market. posters on wheels ambient approach to media enables our clients to reach
those consumers in a stylish and exciting way.

Our use of Smart cars towing the mobile backlit 6 sheet billboard is highly targeted and
communicative to the consumer when they are at their most responsive. This ensures enhanced
message delivery where it counts at product launches, exhibitions, concerts, sporting events,
shopping centres..etc.

posters on wheels uses the Mercedes Smart car as the drive train for its cool-lite 6's. Each car
tow a trailer consisting of 3 backlit 6 sheet panels configured in a wedge design for front,
side and rear viewing. The smart cars are in themselves eye catching which adds impact to the
backlit posters on the cool-lite 6's. The cool-lite 6's have maximum impact when travelling in
convoy. The presence of a cool-lite 6's convoy when they arrive on site is very strong and
ensures the brand message is noticed every time.

cool smarts

The cool-smart is a highly effective mobile media format consisting of a fully wrapped Smart car.
The cool-smart proves to be very popular, hence our fleet of 50 Smart cars that enables campaigns involving 3 cool-smarts, or 50 cool-smarts…

cool-smarts campaigns have been used as an amplification tool by high street retailers, utility
service providers and political parties in both city centre and urban environments to great effect.
Rather than relying on target audiences to come to a specific site or switch to a certain channel
a cool-smarts campaign is a unique media solution that delivers a brand directly to a consumer audience.

cool-smarts campaigns involve wrapped Smart cars driving predetermined routes targeting key
locations over a seven day period. The flexibility of a cool-smarts campaign allows for numerous
locations to be targeted at high frequency within specific target markets providing saturation